Blessings of the Season Holiday Banner

Blessings of the Season
Holiday Banner Printable

Add a touch of holiday sweetness and tap into the blessings of the season with this easy printable holiday banner!

Each set consists of 24 easy-to-print and cut Blessings of the Season prayer flags in deep blue with a dove, a star, and a different blessing of the season on each one. It also comes with instructions for getting the best results, as well as tips on assembling the garland. Not included: twine, glue. This is an instant download, print-at-home product.

Get creative and embellish it with your favorite metallic marker, use mini-clothespins to attach it to twine or greenery, even use them as easy tree ornaments!

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What You’ll Get

  • A FREE 6-page pdf file containing 24 images for you to print and cut.

  • Instructions for printing, including recommended paper, settings and techniques to get the best results.

  • A subscription to The Leap Letter, a weekly pause to reconnect, relax and sip something refreshing, for carers and leapers. (That’s pretty much all of us.) You can unsubscribe at any time, of course, and your information is never shared.

  • Insider access to Possibility Printables’ newest products, including exclusive discounts on all our products, usually included in the Leap Letter. (I rarely email more than once a week. Really! I hate being inundated as much as you do.)

  • Very special wishes for blessings of the holiday from me, because: Thank you!



–Kitty Hartford, Drum Goddess and customer

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