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Welcome to Possibility Printables, where you will find resources filled with bite-sized guidance and doable suggestions that are slightly different, pointing you and your clients toward better health, better mood and better habits, one moment at a time.

Take a look at our catague and learn more about our affordable printables to download, print and use over and over again. (Links go to our Etsy shop, where you’ll find more images and descriptions. You can also use the menu to learn more about the products without visiting the shop.)

Our Products


101 Things You Can Do to Find a Spirituality That Fits Playbook & Card Set

For therapists, clients and self-helpers who want to explore their spirituality, gain or solidify a repertoire of healthy behaviors that foster health, and learn more about what makes them tick, the Find a Spirituality That Fits Playbook offers grounded, non-dogmatic methods in a validating, accessible form. The workbook features 6 Keys and 3 Barriers to finding your own spirituality and helps you find your place in the Spiritual Growth Cycle. With over 20 worksheets to help you understand yourself and develop a repertoire of meanginful activities, the Find a Spirituality That Fits Playbook will guide you with no psychobabble or belief systems to get in your way. Includes 101 Things You Can Do to Find a Spirituality That Fits card deck. (2 pdf files.)

101 Things Series

The 101 Things series includes posters, trifold brochures and card decks to Get Through the Moment, Nurture Your Spirit, Find a Spirituality That Fits, Tune Your Brain and Feel Calmer. You can use them in a variety of ways to brainstorm healthy coping skills, try new approaches, and awaken your creative response to stress, and as promotional material for tabling and giveaways.

Therapeutic Activity Guides

Easy-to-use therapeutic activities for group or individual use, each with a guide for facilitators, including ways to adapt the activities for different needs, client groups and settings. For times when a more focused approach is needed, or for when “how do you feel” leads to long silences.

finding a spirituality that fits card deck

101 Things Activity Card Sets

For the card deck lover: Each of the 101 Things activity series in card deck form. Each set has 101 suggestions for healthy behaviors. Great for brainstorming, starting conversations, problem-solving and planning your wellness activities. Each set includes blanks for you to create your own.

Wellness Coloring Pages

Original design mandala coloring pages with wellness, recovery and mental health themes. Each titled mandala can help you or your client reflect on their own journey, offering support and affirmation. These can also can be printed on fine paper and framed.

Caregiver Resources

Easy, no-fail medication management system takes the stress out of the weekly pill fill. Eliminated eye-strain, multi-tasking brain cramp, and uncertainty. Super-cheap and easy to use. We ❤️ caregivers.

Soul Messages

Often called lavish love notes for the soul, Soul Messages are 50 loving messages from the Universe to you. When radical, courageous, outrageous self-love is needed, Soul Messages are there. Books, cards and posters.

I’m Phyllis Capanna, Chief Possibility Analyst here at Possibility Printables. I create all the content so that you can focus on what you do best: guiding yourself or your clients toward better health. Let me know if there’s a particular resource you need. I’d love to hear your ideas!

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