Humans are My Hobby

phyllis capanna publisher
Just call me Cool Aunt Phyllis.

I love to study how you (that is, we) do the things we, how we change the things we change, and, yes, even how we suffer when we can’t change anything.

I love to break things down and help you reach your goals by helping you through those sticky times of change.

For over 30 years I have worked with people who are struggling, in mental health, medical and private settings as an occupational therapist, psychotherapist and mentor. I have developed a catalogue of resources based on my training and experience in these fields and informed by the recovery model and spiritual psychology, with some shamanic and world music practice liberally swirled in.

Running parallel to my work helping others is my own healing journey. Through addiction, the recovery journey, finding emotional wellbeing and discovering a deep goodness at work through all of life, my major life work has truly been the inner work I have done. As part of my path, I am often called on to help others, either professionally or personally, and this is a calling I am honored to have and honored to heed. Having worked through what feels like layers and layers of deep trauma and frankly crazy ideas about who I am and how the universe works, I am in a place of peace and plenty. My wish is that you join me here, in your own heart and life.

At one time the ideas and strategies I now publish were fringe ideas. They have since been validated both by the awakening of the human spirit in its never-ending quest for self-actualization and by science. The mental environment, the role of belief, the pervasive consequences of emotional overload on our nervous systems, sensory processing, the evolutionary role of optimism and altruism, the necessity of anchoring thought into action, the vital role that community plays, the wonders of neuroplasticity, the powers of presence, silence and stillness, the prevailing mystery of spirituality–These are my jam.

I’m a natural optimist. I am known for being funny, being serious, studying obscure things, remembering the darnedest things about people, my laugh, having big hands, trying new recipes for company, advising on numerology, astrology, shamanism, Chinese medicine and homeopathy with the enthusiasm of someone whose intuition speaks loudly. (And for being wordy.) 🙂

I am passionate about world peace, and the possibility of global healing. I’m obsessed with oracles and other random wisdom. I am anti-dogma and regularly examine my beliefs and biases. I create tools to help you do the same, as you become aware of and grown beyond self-imposed limitations.

I am not known for patience, my love of crowds and loud talkers, long good-byes, suffering fools, or tolerating an unsolved problem. I showed up to my Tufts University graduation wearing a handmade dress (very pretty, with peacocks, in a lovely blue-green), certain that others would also opt out of renting the $40 caps and gowns made of cheap, drab, black taffeta, only to discover I was the only one–in a crowd of thousands. Gloria Steinem was our keynote speaker. This is a touchstone experience, and one that gives me confidence to pursue my vision.

I founded Possibility Printables in order to share the many wellness strategies, recovery tools, emotional health wisdom, and behavioral change ideas that can help you shift the actual moment you are navigating, with the least barrier between the ideas and tools and you. Simply download and print.

My solid belief is that if we all be who we are at our core, nothing is beyond our capability to create, including and most importantly, a world at peace, where resources are shared, and life is valued above everything else. For a deeper look at what I’m creating and who I am as a creator, please visit this article.


B.S. in Occupational Therapy, Tufts University, Medford, Massachusetts
M.A. in Counseling Psychology, Lesley College, Cambridge, Massachusetts
Program in Spiritual Psychology, Concord Institute with Tom Yeomans, Concord, Massachusetts
Shamanic Apprenticeship Program, Center for Earthlight Healing with Dory Cote, Brunswick, Maine
Layne Redmond’s Giving Birth to Ourselves Frame Drum Intensive, with Inanna, Sisters in Rhythm, Topsham, Maine


To Whom It May Concern: Prayers Without the G-Word, 2013
Soul Messages: Lavish Love Notes for the Soul, 2015