Recovery Journal

Picture showing all the pages included in the Recovery Journal with caption that reads "includes 12-page printable journal pages (print again & again, 40 Recovery Affirmation Cards + 10 Blank Affirmation Cards, plus 2 bonus posters.

The One Day at a Time, One Hour at a Time, One Minute at a Time, One Breath at a Time Recovery Journal is a printable 12-page journal. It’s perfect for those in early recovery, or those with time who want extra accountability. Content highlights:

• Helpful worksheets, including Circles of Control, Feelings Wheel, End of Day Recovery Checklist, and Did I Have Fun?

• Daily Planner with goal-setting and end of day goal-checking

• Morning and Evening Gratitude and Reflections pages, all free writing.

• 40 Recovery Affirmation Cards with blanks

• 2 bonus posters: When You Get to the End of the Day Clean, and 101 Things You Can Do to Get Through the Moment

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