Tips for Printing, Cutting and Folding Your Instant Download Printables

Intimidated by downloading and printing at home?

Some people shy away from using instant downloads out of fear that the final printed product won’t measure up. It’s true that print-at-home will not have the same quality as a professional printshop. But once you weigh the factors that matter in your situation–quality of print vs. expense and time of getting it printed outside the home, you can choose which one makes the most sense for you.

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Making Complex Medication Management Simple and Stress-Free

I Hit the Ground Running

When I took over caregiving responsibilities for my Mom, it wasn’t the best of circumstances. My brother was dying of cancer, and I was getting ready to move our mother 500 miles from New Jersey to Maine. She would be leaving the assisted living facility where she’d lived for four years and moving into a board and care home near me. Even though I’d hire a caregiver to administer her twice daily medications, I would be managing them.

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What to Do When You Don’t Know What to Do

9 Strategies for Getting Through Minute-at-a-Time Days

And some of those minutes can be difficult to navigate. Our minds—or our hearts—are racing. We’re at loose ends. We have nothing scheduled. 

We all have jangled, disjointed, difficult days. Some of us have heard the advice to take it a day at a time. But then there are the days that are sooo impossibly long and difficult that we have to take it a minute at a time.

Rather than wringing our hands, or, worse, finding our way to old, unhealthy behaviors, let’s look at 9 basic types of activity to choose from that are not only healthy in and of themselves, but also help us build new, healthy habits for the long haul.

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Does an Oracle Know Something I Don’t Know?

Last March (2019), I took a leap. I created 30 mandalas with music and a video in 30 days. I’d never drawn mandalas before, never committed to drawing something for 30 days, let alone sharing them publicly, had never written a song a day, had never recorded myself making up songs on the fly, had never made a movie of myself drawing…. I had a blast.

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A Flexible and Fun Tool in Your Wellness Toolbox: Cards Decks

Besides relieving us of the job of generating ideas just when we’re least likely to generate good ones, card decks give us ultimate flexibility to experiment and discover new strategies and new information about ourselves, in the process of looking for ways to feel better.

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7 Simple Soothers for Anxious Times

Way back before I had any coping skills, my life was pretty stressful, and I found drugs. There’s a lot more to that story, but that’s the gist of it. Drugs calmed me down. Booze seemed to melt all my fizzling and jangled wiring. I found more and different drugs to put into my body, but my goal was always the same: get through the day and feel as little as possible. I confused feeling numb with feeling calm.

After I got clean, no drugs; but also, still no coping skills! In many ways I was back to square one, with this exception: I had good information about what doesn’t work for me. Now all I had to do was find out what does.

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10 Ways to Use Wellness Cards in Your Therapy Practice

TL;DR: Download the free tip sheet

As a therapist, you know all too well that talking doesn’t always cut it. Neither do thinking, intending, wishing and praying. In fact, none of these alone creates change in your clients’ lives.

The thing that makes for real change in people’s lives is behavior. And all the cognitive processes that go into making choices–trial and error, habit, novelty, and curiosity, to name a few–are where the real learning, growing and changing actually happen.

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Holiday Grief and Loss: Keep it Simple, Shed the Shoulds and Make a Plan

“Grief is just love with no place to go.”

-Jamie Anderson

This week, a reader (who is also a friend), wrote, “This holiday I am dreading missing mom a lot.”

My friend’s simple confession brought me back sharply to how I started walking this healing path to begin with. Inevitably, the spotlight comes to rest on an 11 1/2-year-old kid whose father died in the prime of his life, out of the blue, one Monday in June.

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Holiday Health: Keep Your Energy Calm and Bright

If it’s time to take out the big guns, even cop an attitude, because if you’re determined not to be plowed under by the f-ing holidays, again, read on. 

If Nothing Changes, Nothing Changes.

The truth about becoming mentally healthier is… drumroll, please! It’s largely in our own hands.

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