Soul Messages

An Oracle of Loving Messages You Need Right Now

A set of 50 loving messages specifically formulated to counter the destructive, negative and untrue messages we receive about ourselves and about how the Universe works.

Soul Messages have an uncanny way of giving you the guidance and encouragement you need right now, no matter when you open the book.

They are meant to counter and heal the limiting and sometimes frightening beliefs and ideas that many of us grew up with. They help heal the unseen artist, healer, and lover in all of us.

Simply pick a card, then flip to that page in the book and read the wisdom.

Can be used as a daily meditation, affirmation study, and to explore the barriers to radical self-acceptance and faith that we all have.

A lovely gift for yourself or your bestie. Tuck them inside cards and gifts. Slip them to strangers. Spread the love.

“…The Universe wants you to know you are capable of protecting your boundaries without hiding. This is a big step. It involves believing in yourself enough to take some chances. It’s okay–in fact, recommended–to start small and work up from there. With each step you gain confidence. Ask yourself, “When do I hide? What do I stop myself from doing? How am I not supposed to be?”…”

soul messages book cover
soul messages book cover