Wellness Coloring Pages

The Leap Collection

Inspired by a 30-day creative leap in the Spring of 2019, this set of 30 mandalas became a devotional to the leaping process itself. I discovered that many leaps follows some of these same patterns, unearthing undreamed of strengths in the process of navigating impossible challenges.

These can be used for meditation, journaling and discussion, posters and, of course, coloring.

Recovery Collection

Exploring recovery themes and acknowledging the courageous and rocky road that we travel when we endeavor to recover, usually from something that has been deemed chronic or life-long by those whose approach is more medical and less spiritual. Following our guts and with help from someplace vast, wise and loving, we do recover. The Recovery Collection contains 16 mandalas.

Faces Collection

The faces we are, the faces we see, the faces we wear, and the faces we feel within. The Faces Collection contains 9 designs.