Shift Your Moment with Possibility Cards

What if…

• You are in the midst of a miracle-in-the-making
• There are possibilitie you hadn’t considered?
• You’re too focused on your flaws to access your strengths?
• You need to borrow some faith because yours is a little skimpy?

What if …

All you need is - • a new idea?• emotional companionship?• a quick suggestion to help you get the most out of the moment?• something to help you change channels in your thinking?• new, healthy habits?

All you need is
• A new idea?
• Emotional companionship?
• A quick suggestion to help you get the most out of the moment?
• Somethng to help you change the channels in your thinking?
• New, healthy habits?

Enter Possibility Cards

Each deck consists of
72 (That’s 6 dozen) simple strategies to help you shift your moment– with delight, questioning reality, and good old-fashioned self-nurturing (a sampler from each of the 5 Decks in the 101 Things series.) ideas to help you reframe what’s happening
Fun suggestions from out of left field
Completely do-able, no-fail tips that you can take or leave
Actual, real-life things to help you thrive your way to the next moment
Some silliness
Some friendly challenges

Possibility Cards - • are your witchy-woo, wise and wonderful friend, divination deck and inspirational tool.• help empower you to make healthy choices• give you new tools for self care, brain health, and stress relief

Possibility Cards

• Are your witchy-woo, wise and wonderful friend, divination deck and inspirational tool
• Help empower you to make healthy choices
• Give you new tools for self-care, brain halth and stress relief

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